Hi, I'm Nat (he/him).  Most people describe me as easy going, open, friendly, and say that my calm nature is contagious. I approach life with open-mindedness and very much enjoy challenging "the norm".


I offer individual and relationship therapy for adults (18+).  


I also provide a FREE no obligation 15 minute introduction call so you can test the water before deciding to book.


Areas I deal with:



Trauma and abuse can have a huge impact on our lives, causing intense anxiety/depressionisolationsuicidal feelings, and self-defeating thought processes.  Although these experiences mark us deeply, I've seen how counselling can create a more positive outlook.



Anxiety, depression, stress, or losing someone can leave us feeling hopeless, alone, stuck, broken, or trapped in a pit.  The thought of feeling better can seem impossible, but your feelings don't have to consume your life.



If you and your partner/friend/family member want to communicate better, build connection, or tackle a resentment, talking with a counsellor can provide a fresh perspective, stop arguments escalating, and offer the safety to promote honest conversations. In relationship counselling, I aim to create change by encouraging empathy and understanding.


I also have experience with LGBTQIA+ relationships, ethical non-monogamy and kink.



I'm also passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether you want to explore your identity, or just talk to someone who's informed, I offer a space where you can be completely yourself.


A big part of my own personal growth has been embracing a more fluid self-image, which has been difficult at times, especially in a world filled with black & white labels, stigma, and judgments.



Navigating a neuro-typical world can be challenging, especially when those around you don't fully understand.


Having a calm and structured space,  where there's no pressure to be anything other than yourself can help you organise your thoughts, decompress, and make sense of your feelings.



Counselling can be a useful space to tackle a big decision, map out the future, and feel supported or encouraged through challenging life transitions.


I'm a keen traveller, and embrace more unconventional life choices.  I'm therefore very passionate about helping you discover true meaning and authenticity in your life. 


What to expect:


More than anything, people tell me that saying things out-loud and sharing what they've bottled up inside makes them feel lighter, and helps unravel the mental chaos. So whether you're overwhelmed by your feelings, struggling with traumatic life events, or trying to make sense of your world, my priority is to make sharing things as comfortable as possible. In my experience, knowing that you’re speaking with a genuine human being is a huge part of this, so if you choose counselling with me, I hope you'll find me professional, but authentic and relatable, not just a blank slate.


In our sessions, we'll talk through your concerns, try to understand things better, and see if we can find a way to help you feel more at ease. This can involve practicing acceptance, looking for insight, taking a fresh perspective, processing hard emotions and memories, identifying unproductive thought processes, or just letting things out and decompressing.


Because everyone's different, I find sessions differ from person to person, so always approach counselling as a collaboration/exploration rather than a 'treatment'. I'll sometimes ask questions, offer observations, share my knowledge, or make a suggestion, but won't patronise you or pressure you into anything that doesn't feel right.


I can't promise I've got all the answers, but can promise you'll always get my full attention and that I genuinely care. I'll always meet you where you're at, and accept you how you are, whether you need to laughcryswear, or just have a moan.


I value straightforward discussion rather than cold analysis or textbook exercises, and will always be transparent. You won't be judged or dismissed, and we'll always take things at your pace


How to attend:


- In Person

- Telephone

- Online

- Walk & Talk


Counselling Style:


The bulk of my training is in Person Centred counselling, which is about focusing on you as an individual, ensuring that your thoughts, feelings, and values guide our sessions.  We'll look for real insight based on who you are and what you want.


I also believe that there isn't a 'one size fits all' with therapy. So I will sometimes use elements of different approaches when it feels appropriate, and with your consent.


My Qualifications:


MSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy (Distinction) - Keele University

Graduate Certificate in Counselling - Keele University

Certificate in Couples Counselling

Certificate in Online Counselling


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, which means I meet and adhere to professional standards set out for therapists in the UK.


I am also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, which means I adhere to current UK Data Protection Laws.




Individual Sessions: £45 per hour

Relationship Counselling: £65 per hour


Opening Times:


Monday.................. 1pm to 9pm

Tuesday.................. 1pm to 9pm

Wednesday............ 1pm to 9pm

Thursday................. 9am to 5pm

Friday...................... Closed

Saturday................. Closed

Sunday.................... Closed




31 Caton Crescent






On-street parking available, and the room is accessible via steps or a sloped driveway.  There is a lip as you enter the threshold of the room, which might prove difficult for wheelchair users.